A modern, acoustic concert instrument in sandwich construction


Model Stage – a modern, classical concert instrument with a sandwich top that can be easily amplified. Excellent playability: a deeply cut cutaway and a built-in pickup system makes the instrument an ideal companion on the big stage, for ensemble playing and in the studio, especially in the field of crossover and world music.

Many guitarists want an instrument that is not only convincing in terms of acoustics and playing technique, but that can also be reliably amplified and thus can also be used in ensembles and bands. Meeting these requirements requires a new perpective in instrument making.

More about specific instruments:

Silvio Schneider Custom

Modell Ellipse Traditional – Fichte/ Eibe

Key Characteristics

Scale length:650mm
Halsbreite:Standard 48-60 mm, frei wählbar
Back / SidesOstindischer Palisander, Honduras Palisander,Ahorn, Eibe, Kirsche und andere
TopSpruce, Cedar wooden doubletop
Pickup OptionsFishman, L.Baggs, B-Band, Misi, Seems Custom and others
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